Research Progress on Aroma Compounds in Wine

(College of Enology, Northwest A&F University, Yangling 712100, China)

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Shaanxi Science and Technology Innovation Team Project(2023-CX-TD-59); Shaanxi Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (2020JC-22); National Natural Science Foundation of China(31972199).

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    Aroma is an important indicator of wine sensory evaluation and also an important factor for affecting the quality style and consumer orientation of wine. Aroma compounds in wines with various styles are complex and diverse, which are affected by grape varieties, fermentation technologies, aging conditions and other factors. Maintaining varietal typicality, enhancing fermentative odorants and improving aging flavor quality of wine have always been the goals of wine flavor research, making it crucial to comprehensively analyze the formation pathway and aroma presentation mechanisms of odorants in wine. In this review, the formation patterns of varietal odorants and fermentative odorants and the regulatory mechanisms of winemaking processes on the production of wine odorants were discussed from the perspective of fermentation regulation, and the relationships between related flavor enzymes and aroma precursors with aroma compounds were introduced. Meanwhile, the forming path of aging aroma were discussed, and the influencing mechanism of different oak products and aging technologies on shaping wine aging aroma characteristics was summarized. Additionally, the detection technologies of odorants and the research methods of the synergy effect between odorants were briefly described, the effects of key odorants interaction and matrix effect on wine flavor perception were analyzed. Finally, future research directions and trends were proposed, with a view to provide theoretical basis and technical support for the establishment of flavor-oriented wine technology control methods.

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TAO Yongsheng, LI Na. Research Progress on Aroma Compounds in Wine[J]. Journal of Food Science and Technology,2023,41(3):28-40.

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